we create experiences that transform your ideas into reality

we are hyper friday

we are a full-service digital agency, specialized in developing websites, mobile applications, digital marketing and video production, with over 15 years of experience.

based in united states, the company has been working for and with the U.S. and European markets since 2001, with numerous cooperation with top agencies and clients.
we deliver innovative solutions and offering consultancy during each project. this way the way that it helped our clients evolve and line up to the market.

the success came from understanding the client’s business, objectives, visions and needs, bringing valuable input to each project and building strong relationships.
our expertise is from different industries, from entertainment and fashion to travel and healthcare, having a range of services from programming to project management, design and mobile solutions implementations, digital marketing and brand ambassador services.

our capabilites

highly skilled professional service with a creative touch

ios apps
creative ios development

We create mobile applications and Industry Directed Platforms . This allows the client to build custom-apps.

creative coding
crafting with passion

We like to listen to what our clients need, and to what their objectives are. We deliver not just products, but ingenuous solutions.

digital marketing
happy to helping you with...

social media ambassador program
shopper marketing
luxury marketing
celebrity endorsement

android apps
creating android development

Each assembly-line style platform is dynamic and unique in a way that can sustain industry specific custom features.

design and prototyping
visual approach to every ideea

From the client’s idea to our concept you can follow a track of fine lines that combine art with functionality.

brand development
we always love to be challenged

graphic design
communication materials
& collaterals

windows mobile apps
creative mobile development

Our custom made platforms can create top-notch Apps in a fraction of the time and in a very cost effective way.

mobile strategy
monetize your ideeas

There is no need for an app if the financial or marketing goal is not achieved. Let us create the entire map to success.

photo & video production
helping you to look good

2D & 3D animation
video production
video infographics
video presentations

our team

  • paul vlad

paul vlad

  • diego valdez

diego valdez
co-founder/business advisor

  • magdalena simpson

magdalena simpson
digital artist

contact us

we would like to hear from you

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our offices

united states
danville, san francisco bay area
jackson, mississippi




for any requests, please use the contact form and we will be happy to answer you back.